Spend an evening in my studios

Do you want to spend an evening with friends, family or colleagues in an unforgettable and unique atmosphere? Then I would like to invite you to my studios in Lenzburg or Salzburg. Clubs such as the Lions and Rotary Club, Soopranists and many others, have already enjoyed pleasant hours in a colourful and relaxed ambience.

Seminars and Presentations

Are you interested in getting to know more about the life and work of a contemporay artist? You can hire my services for short seminars, workshops or presentations. You are invited to come to my studios for an informative and entertaining afternoon or evening event or we can make an arrangement at your place. On the occasion of such events I am often asked to talk about my inner calm and how I manage to create paintings touching people’s hearts and souls. Paintings of dream-­‐like landscapes acting as a counterweight in times of bustle and stress.

Studio Tours

Although I prefer living the life of a ‘‘lonely’’ artist most of the time, I do enjoy the interaction and the lively discussions with all people who wish to experience my worlds and paintings in a live atmosphere.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in visiting me in my studios in Lenzburg or Salzburg.