Board-Official in the team Adhs20 + since autumn 2015

After performing a group exhibition for ADHS artists I was asked if I would fight in the future for those affected by ADHS and the club Adhs20 +. Since the cooperation with the very dedicated co-founder Sandra Ammann heart was opening, I am determined to face it, I know from my own life experiences trains. So I get a board member. I look forward to new encounters and experiences that I may make.

Curator activity for an exhibition of Adhs20+ concerned in 2014

For the club Adhs20+ I could end up in 2014 to accompany and support a joint exhibition of ADHS sufferers. The exhibition at the Müller-Haus Lenzburg was a good win for the participants and the large number of visitors. The exhibition was organized in conjunction with a symposium Adhs20+. It was a great pleasure and an educational encounter and confrontation with myself.

Terre des hommes Switzerland, Card 2011

When Terre des hommes Switzerland asked me for a subjet of my sky paintings for the actually card production winter 2011 -­‐ I was surprised and happy in the same moment. It is a pleasure for me to help with my paintings. There are no reproduction fees for the artist.

Gartencity 2009 (Garden City 2009) – Event in downtown Zurich 2009

In 2008 I was one of the ten artists asked by the organisation committee of Gartencity (Garden City) Zurich 2009, represented by Beat Seeberger, to create an overdimensional flowerpot as part of a pre-­‐project. My flowerpot was the first one to be sold and that’s why you can see it standing today in front of the ‘‘La Serlas’’ jewellery shop in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. More than 300 artfully arranged flowerpots transformed Zurich into a flourishing garden for one wonderful summer. More than 30 different species of plants grow in these big imaginatively designed pots. Discover oleander, gingerbread trees, palm trees from Ticino, cinnamon roses, chestnut trees and many more. 

Caritas Switzerland: Four-­piece Cards Set, 2009

The idea of creating a cards set, free of charge, for Caritas Switzerland enthused me right from the beginning. So I created a set of four assorted double cards, pictorial supplement and valuable envelopes. Available while stocks last or directly at Caritas Switzerland.

Kindergarten children from Lenzburg visit Alain Mieg’s studio in 2009

There was happiness everywhere. Children, dog and painter had a great time in Alain Mieg’s studio in Lenzburg. More than 20 kindergarten children spent the whole afternoon painting, viewing pictures, talking to each other or playing with my sweet Border Collie, Amie. Back in kindergarten the children painted what they had seen – his or her favourite picture -­‐ and then organized an impressive exhibition the artist was invited to! A once in a lifetime experience for all of us!


Lions Club Baden "Kunst für Kinder", ‘‘Art for Children’’ 2006

On the 50th anniversary of the Lions Club Baden, an auction was held together with an anniversary gala at culture and congress center Trafo in Baden on 16 and 17 September, 2006. On the occasion of this event, an Alain Mieg painting was sold in favour of a children’s village in Brazil.

Die Dargebotene Hand, Aarau 2006

At an exhibition under the patronage of Beat Wismer ( Director of the Kunsthaus Aarau) and Carlo Mettauer, from 14 to 27 October 2006 at the Kantonsspital Aarau ( Aarau District Hospital), a painting donated by Alain Mieg was sold in favour of the charity organization ‘‘Dargebotene Hand’’, achieving the highest price of all paintings offered.