Alain Mieg


Heavenly dream landscapes – these words best characterize my paintings.

The sky is my symbol of freedom. It gives me an irresistible craving for life. It is much more than just a passion, it is like an addiction I can dive and melt into. Melancholy, not sadness, is my friend and companion, which lets me rest in the sweet, soft and silent vibrations of life.

In my life, nothing is as important, fullfiling or rewarding, as the art of painting. It is not my intention to focus on reality, but in the abstract -­‐ to give myself, and the viewers, the chance to become engrossed and lost in landscapes, horizons and endless spaces. Dream-­‐like paintings which awaken, and it is this touching silence that fill them with life.

If viewers can recognize themselves in my paintings, if they feel at ease and understood, and have found a place they can escape to, then I am content.


Born on May 24, 1964, in Lenzburg (Switzerland, canton of Aargau) and grew up in idyllic and historic houses, which today are still the roots for my inner strength and calm. My love of art developed very early on in my life and I was influenced by the artistic and sensitive sphere and environment my family provided me with. Cézanne, Monet, Bonnard, Gunther Böhmer, William Turner, Rothko and Peter Mieg were the painters who had the greatest influence on my work in the early years. I can best express my dreams, intentions, emotions and imaginations through the art of painting.

I attended primary school in Lenzburg and my decision to become an artisan, instead of continuing my academic career, marked a turning point in my life. It formed the foundation for my training as a serigrapher (silkscreen printer) and subsequently as a commercial artist, which in turn developed my eye for light and colour. Professional development courses in painting, photography and interpersonal relations followed, and I was also trained as a marketing assistant and in business administration.

Painting has always been my true companion. I work with aquarelle and gouache, oil and acrylic paint -­‐ the latter having been the main emphasis of my development for the past ten years. The production of colours with pigments and emulsions gives me additional freedom.

Having achieved my life’s dream of acquiring my grandparent ’s house, I decided once again to listen to my heart and to focus my concentration on this one great passion of mine – painting. This wonderful enriching and rewarding art, often a source of happiness and joy – is always challenging and sometimes agonizing.

Lengthy trips and stays abroad have contributed to accentuating my awareness of beauty and the unknown. Today expanses, coastlines and horizons are the oasis of peace and balance in my life. I feel a deep and profound attraction to the sea, whose infinite depths are in harmony with the sky.

Loneliness and Lively Discussions

I am very grateful for having the chance to live and work in my studio in Lenzburg, where I have spent most of my childhood. My studio in Salzburg is another source of inspiration, where I can find the peace and tranquility I need for my work. Yet, at the same time, I do enjoy the lively discussions with my customers and all those who are interested in my work. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in visiting me in one of my studios.